Build, Jump, Crash – Fun with Blocks Toys!

posted by gbowen
December 4, 2010

Do you remember how much fun it was to build with large blocks?  They are so versatile you can build anything you want to.  Toy blocks are just as popular today as they were many years ago.

Cardboard building blocks are still being made today for the enjoyment of a new generation of kids. As toys for toddlers you just can’t purchase a more enjoyable toy for your boys and girls.  No matter what the skill level of your child he/she will be able to build things, jump over the blocks, crash into them and even step on them.

Cardboard building blocks stack into tall towers and when knocked down (which they will be) they not only won’t cause harm to anyone, they do not make noise and scare anyone or wake a napping baby (or mom).

Kids building blocks made of cardboard can safely be given to very young children.  At first they may only carry them around and put them in a wagon or a truck, but as they grow they will begin creating the own structures and towers.

Children will develop muscle strength as they carry around their block toys.  Parents can use these blocks to teach basic math skills to children when they are able to begin learning math.  If you have sets of several colors they can also be used to teach colors.

Making up games to play with your blocks children will gain self-confidence as they complete the “task“given them.  For instance, you could ask the child to separate the red blocks from the blue blocks.  You could have the child stack into separate piles each different size or color.

For beginning counting and addition have your child take three blocks from a larger pile and put them in a separate location.  Then have the child add one more block and count and/or add it up.

Children may learn better balance when you set up the blocks (or let the child do it) in a maze.  Have your child walk quickly, or run through and around the blocks without touching them or knocking them down.  They will love this game!

These toys for toddlers are as popular today as when your grandparents were young.  Many grandparents are purchasing these ImagiBRICKS for their grand kids throughout the year for gifts. Our popular set of 40 pieces is pictured above.

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